Madalyn Murray O'Hair

"Godless in America" is the extraordinary life story of Madalyn Murray O'Hair. 

Rare historic recordings featuring Madalyn Murray O'Hair: "Consider the Atheist" and"Why I'm an Atheist" can be played directly below. Feel free to download the files in mp3 format.  

You may also find Madalyn's Playboy Interview interesting and her lecture on Fundamentalism.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair was a strong brave woman, attracting huge audiences and was the first guest on the Donahue show. A full episode of the Donahue show has been included below. Despite being a Catholic, Donahue believed passionately in Madalyn Murray O'Hair's campaign to ensure church and state separation.

Quote by Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

"An atheist believes that a hospital should be built instead of a church. An atheist believes that deed must be done instead of prayer said. An atheist strives for involvement in life And not escape into death. He wants disease conquered, poverty vanished, war eliminated".

Atheist means no more than lacking a belief in god(s), but Madalyn Murray O'Hair was defining atheist for the Supreme Court, because it was on the basis of being an atheist she successfully fought to have prayer recitation and bible reading removed from public schools in 1963.

As a group ANTITHEISTS, we have an agenda and enjoy a tight cohesion based on more than our lack of a belief in any god. The Madalyn Murray O'Hair quote succinctly describes our group ethos.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair Donahue Show. 

A double episode of the Donahue show, with Madalyn Murray O'Hair going head to head with The Bourbon Street preacher man. The two were very popular and were frequently asked back onto the show. The episode below includes questions from the audience, a mostly Christian audience it would seem, with very little love for Madalyn. Christian vindictiveness shouldn't surprise us any more.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair was one of the original anti-theists. The following quotation reflects the persecution Madalyn and her family endured at the hands of upset Christians, during and after the Supreme Court battle back in 1963 to have Bible reading removed from US public schools 

"I'm no longer an atheist who says you believe your way and I'll believe mine. For we have come to see the full and true face of religion in these three years, emotional and psychological reprisals were taken against us, physical assaults were made against us, economic sanctions were taken against us, the order for instance to fire me was 

Madaly Murray O'Hair - The Original Anti-theist. 

issued just twenty four hours after I filed the appeal in the US supreme court and no one will ever convince me that it was sheer coincidence I lost my job then, and in the circumstances that occurred.

We have found that religion is a vicious hate ridden thing, that it is perhaps the most evil thing in America today when it is rawly and openly exposed to the persons who fight it. We carried our battle above board legally and the religionists carried on their battle in a dirty underhanded warfare. I am proud to be an atheist now, a fighting atheist, a militant atheist." 

Godless in America - The Extraordinary Story of Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

Godless in America tells the extraordinary story of Madalyn Murray O'Hair. She was dubbed, "America's Most Hated Woman". Madalyn was the woman to have prayer and bible recitation removed from public schools in 1963 with her successful supreme court ruling. 

Madalyn was a very outspoken person and not everybody appreciated such a direct approach. Madalyn Murray O'Hair founded the American Atheists and set about campaigning to ensure church and state separation. Her life ended in a shallow grave, alongside her son Jon and granddaughter Robin. As far as we know, the three were kidnapped and kept prisoner for some weeks in a motel room, before being robbed of $600 000 belonging to the American Atheist organization. The gold was apparently stolen by an unconnected, opportunist thief and not a single gold coin was ever recovered.

Her extraordinary life makes for a fascinating story, part scandal, part tragedy, part black comedy. As the story unfolds, new mysteries present themselves.  It's surprising no person has ever been convicted of Madalyn, John and Robin's gruesome murders. The suspects authorities believed were responsible, admitted lesser charges of kidnap and extortion. David Waters' confession came some years later. Waters confessed only to extortion, not murder, despite allegedly leading detectives to Madalyn Murray O'Hair's remains.

Godless in America
Madalyn Murray O'Hair's Life Story 

Complete Radio Show Madalyn Murray O'Hair.