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A note to welcome and thank you for your support.  

We're pleased you care enough to want to see an end to the harm caused by religion. In opposing religious harm, we oppose racism, sexism, gay and trans hate, as well as any religious involvement in politics. The right of an individual to practice their faith, ends where the right of another to not be encroached upon begins. If a person's faith causes no harm, what argument can there be? We're acutely aware that freedom from religion, doesn't exclude freedom of religion. 

Unlike religion, we don't care who you sleep with, who you love, or who you have consenting sex with. That's your business, and in opposing religious harm we're committed to seeing it remains that way. We're an inclusive group, our membership includes many gay men and women, bi-sexual men and women, and a large number of trans men and women. We welcome all. Regardless of sexuality, gender or race, everybody deserves equal opportunity, justice and dignity, without discrimination. 

Opposition to religious harm is, and will only ever be, peaceful; violence is never acceptable. We're not out to intentionally hurt or offend any person, and we're not singling any particular religion out for preferential treatment; we don't play favourites here. 

We encourage you to engage and become an active community member over at FACEBOOK and GOOGLE+. Please don't send Facebook and Google+  community page material via this website, or via the page messaging facility. Instead, please post directly to the relevant page. Thank you. 

 We're not all talk! We regularly roll up our sleeves to get busy putting our words into action. For example, we're currently countering Christian protesters picketing abortion clinics in the UK. Read more.

As humanists we take a stand on many issues, especially issues relating to human rights. We're opposed to war, other than in legitimate defence. Community page posts will also reflect a community interest in environmental issues, scientific discoveries, space stuff, music and much more. We try to accommodate everybody and if a post is not of any interest to you, please just scroll on to content you do find interesting. We're accused of having a left leaning bias, but we remain unapologetic. Whilst Republicans in the US stand for everything we oppose, how can we oppose religious harm without being opposed to today's policies of the US Republican party?

 We hope you feel at home. Thank you for your support and please consider helping expand our numbers by simply interacting with, commenting on and sharing material from this website and the community pages. 

Peace and respect.

Antitheists Opposing Religious Harm. 

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