Pro-choice Anti-theists.
Opposing Religious Harm. 

pro-choice antitheists. Opposing religious harm, opposing religious involvement in women's reproductive services. Antitheists

Pro-choice anti-theists are concerned with seeing abortion kept safe and legal. We also aim to see the harassment of visitors to abortion clinics stopped. 

So called pro-lifers are anti-choice and not pro-life. The majority (seventy-seven percent) of anti-choice bullies
 are men - men who will never become pregnant, and will almost certainly be motivated by religion and their religious views. 

Christians who picket abortion clinics are hateful bullies. The pickets are disgusting examples of Christians under the guise of exercising religious freedom, attempting to impose their views upon the rest of us.
Anti-choice Christian bullies have a right to protest, but if protesting doesn't involve intimidating and preventing people from entering clinics, they're not really interested. This was clear in the USA when

 some states explored the constitutional implications of restricting protesters to a reasonable distance from clinic entrances. The restrictions would not prevent protests, but would make it unlawful for Christians to prevent visitors from entering any clinic. The religious protesters reacted angrily, claiming the restriction would make "educating" women to the clinic impossible and would infringe upon their religious freedom and right to protest.  Read as: "My freedom of religion, must allow me to bully and harass women attending abortion clinics, and must allow me to prevent women entering clinics - physically if necessary."

Anti-choice Christian protesters in the UK picket some abortion clinics; making an already unpleasant experience for women worse. We despise bullies, and continue to counter their distressing Christian protests with kindness.

 Unlike the anti-choice Christians, we don't add to the circus by waving banners and screaming and shouting. No! Instead, with a warm smile, we hand visitors to the clinic a well-wishing card, hopefully making their day slightly less unpleasant. And just as importantly, our presence alone keeps the cowardly Christian bullies at bay. 

 We don't argue with the Christians, the Christians show themselves up for the hateful, dictatorial, bullies they are. We don't have to say a thing, our actions speak volumes, and when our manner and conduct are compared with the behavior of the Christians, our kindness clearly stands head and shoulders above their hateful bullying. 

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Antitheists Opposing Religious Harm